Keep consistency between what we think, what is said and what is done. Ensure transparency in all the functions committed to the values of the company and act accordingly. Staff to transmit the values and act as a positive ethical framework for the group that we lead.


Clearly identify our internal or external customers. Resume their needs, expectations and preferences and strive to achieve a high degree of satisfaction by developing products or services that provide genuine value to the customer according to their perspective, trying to exceed your expectations. Consider the potential impact on internal and external customers when making a decision. Propose strategies to anticipate customer needs.


To pursue quality in everything we do. Work to exceed the expectations of internal or external customers. Ensure continuous improvement of working methods and efficiency indicators. Leave nothing to chance. Plan and organize to anticipate possible problems that might be faced.


Define objectives and goals to achieve compliance and ensure effective utilization of available resources and taking calculated risks, by using indicators to measure progress on the objectives pursued. Being aware of the resources consumed and worry about not wasting them. Assessing the economic impacts when undertaking a project, taking into account cost-benefit analysis.


Have attitude to confront and resolve problems as quickly as possible, seeking an appropriate balance between the risk of mistakes and the risk of not acting. Ask achievable goals, being practical and realistic. Clearly formulate the problems and their causes. Identify and prioritize the different alternatives to solve a problem using the expertise and experience available. Make timely decisions instead of seeking only the ideal solution. Do not fall into paralysis by analysis.